Kitto Law, PC is a boutique law firm located in Golden, Colorado.   The firm provides sophisticated legal counsel in the areas of divorce and family law, probate dispute resolution, probate administration and civil litigation.  The law firm also provides services in asset protection and litigation, focusing on clients with small children, special needs children, self-employed clients with business succession issues, and couples in second relationships.    The firm’s goal is to provide sophisticated legal counsel to clients at Colorado-appropriate rates.

Family Law:

A divorce is one of the most stressful and significant of life changes.  Ms. Kitto, a former accountant, provides thorough and empathetic counsel to her clients going through the divorce experience, focusing on the assets, income and financials as necessary.  Many of her divorcing clients are self-employed and therefore, understanding the financials presented and working with a party’s tax advisor and bookkeeper becomes all the more important to getting to the right result for the client in terms of maintenance, child support or the appropriate asset split.

Estate Planning and Asset Protection:

The firm also provides legal counsel at reasonable rates to individuals who need asset protection and estate planning counsel.   This can include counsel regarding wills, powers of attorney, directives, various types of trusts and related real estate issues.  We counsel individuals on trust issues relating to special needs minors and adults, life insurance trusts, supplemental needs trusts, and trusts that assist in asset protection in the elder law context.  We believe in treatment of the elderly with respect and dignity, and counsel many seniors.

Probate Administration:

The law firm also provides probate administration, whether formal or informal, to clients, as well as counsel regarding when to seek court resolution of family disputes.  Most estates in Colorado are resolved efficiently through the informal probate process, and Ms. Kitto endeavors to keep such probate matters reasonable and efficient.

Formal probate is necessary when disputes arise or parties/family members cannot resolve their disagreements themselves.  Ms. Kitto is well-versed in walking parties through the discovery process, attending mediation, resolving disputes where possible by negotiation, and if not possible, preparation for a hearing on the merits.