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Ms. Kitto specializes in civil/commercial/business litigation.  She has represented Fortune 500 companies as well as small and medium-sized businesses of all sizes and industries. As an accountant prior to practicing law, she also has experience counseling various entities, such as corporations, partnerships, LLCs, LLP’s, individuals and non-profit organizations, on tax and accounting information systems. In addition to representing clients in state and federal trials, Ms. Kitto is also experienced in appellate work and in a broad spectrum of mediation, arbitration, summary and mini-trials and other alternative dispute resolution techniques.  Kitto Law, PC approaches dispute resolution in a way that is pragmatic and business oriented. We do not consider litigation to be an end in itself, but only one tool at a client’s disposal. Both before and during disputes, we counsel our clients on their full range of options, and discuss probabilities and potential expenses so that strategies may be planned to best serve a client’s interests. In addition, we utilize the best litigation support and research technologies to minimize the cost of litigation to our clients. Ms. Kitto’s diverse litigation experience has included:

  • Breach of contract

  • Business torts

  • Fraud/Misrepresentation

  • Breach of fiduciary duty

  • Consumer fraud

  • Creditor representation

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