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Power of Attorney


Proven Success

Kitto Law PC firm provides probate administration, whether formal or informal, to clients, as well as counsel regarding when to seek court resolution of family disputes.  Most estates in Colorado are resolved effectively through the informal probate process, and Ms. Kitto endeavors to keep such probate matters reasonable and efficient.
Formal probate is necessary when disputes arise or parties/family members cannot resolve their disagreements themselves.  Ms. Kitto is well-versed in walking parties through the discovery process, attending mediation, resolving disputes where possible by negotiation, and if not possible, preparation for a hearing on the merits.

The firm counsels those who seek to be appointed personal representatives, guardians or conservators.  The firm is happy to assist family members who have questions about a loved one’s estate and ensure that parties understand the process.  We assist families at a time of stress and grief to resolve problems, and reach resolution where possible.  If resolution is not possible, Ms. Kitto’s litigation experience makes us a great advocate in probate court.

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